Mesatac™ Pyramid™ free float handguards for AR-15 rifles and carbines

Mesatac™ Pyramid™ free float handguards for AR-15 rifles and carbines

Jan 14th 2019


Mesatac™ Pyramid™ free float handguards for AR-15 rifles and carbines

Mesatac™ Pyramid™ free float handguards for AR-15 rifles and carbines

After a decade and a half of producing innovative, rugged accessories for the tactical shotgun, we have expanded our attention to the tactical carbine, especially America’s most popular centerfire rifle platform, the AR-15. Mesatac™ is a fresh branding to identify a new line of tactical accessories for carbines and rifles, with the same innovation, quality and attention to detail that have made Mesa Tactical’s shotgun stocks and shell carriers industry standards among professional operators. 

We are kicking off the new Mesatac marque with two lines of rifle and carbine furniture:

  • The Black Rock™ line of stocks for AR-15 rifles and carbines 
  • The Pyramid™ line of aluminum AR-15 floating handguards 

In addition, the Mesa Tactical Faro™ stock adapter for the FN SCAR carbine has been rebranded as a Mesatac accessory.

Because Mesatac products are rifle accessories, all Mesatac branded items require a license for export.

When Mesa Tactical decided to produce a floating handguard for the AR-15, we wanted to design something that was slim and comfortable and easy for agencies to adopt and install. These were the considerations behind our new line of Mesatac Pyramid aluminum handguards. It doesn’t hurt that they look great, too.

The Pyramid handguards stay slim and smooth and lightweight by eschewing quad rails and instead employing M-LOK™ slots on sides and bottom. M-LOK slots don’t have sharp edges or burrs, and accept Picatinny rail sections where you need them, or specialized light mounts or vertical grips. The barrel nut can be installed without shimming, indexing or timing, so one Pyramid handguard is easy to install while installing multiple handguards in an armory environment is considerably simplified. The longer Pyramid handguards are design to stop just sort of the muzzle device, so muzzle brakes and flash and sound suppressors can be removed and installed without taking off the handguard.

  • Handguard is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, with an ASTM A311 steel barrel nut.
  • MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny accessory rail runs the full length of the top surface.
  • Industry standard M-LOK slots on sides and bottom can accept Picatinny rail sections as well as other M-LOK mounts and accessories.
  • Requires removal of FSB and factory barrel nut, and installation of low-profile gas block (not included). Requires specialized armorers’ tools for installation.
  • Barrel nut does not need to be shimmed, indexed or timed, so installation is simplified, especially on multiple rifles.
  • 9½ inch Pyramid handguard covers the carbine gas block.
  • 12 inch Pyramid handguard covers the mid-length gas block.
  • 15 inch Pyramid handguard covers a 16 inch barrel up to the muzzle device.
  • 17 inch Pyramid handguard covers an 18 inch barrel up to the muzzle device.

Prices and availability

Mesa Tactical is exhibiting at the 2019 SHOT Show in Las Vegas booth 31103 and will be demonstrating samples of Mesatac’s Black Rock™ stocks and Pyramid™ aluminum floating handguards for AR-15 rifles and carbines platforms. Pre-orders will be taken at SHOT Show. Production models will be available in the spring of 2019. For more information contact Lucy Espinoza at 714-545-3332, or; or visit Mesa Tactical’s website at

SKU     Item                                                                                                   MSRP

96170 Pyramid Floating Handguard for AR-15 (5.56, 9½ in, M-LOK, black) $170.00

96190 Pyramid Floating Handguard for AR-15 (5.56, 12 in, M-LOK, black) $210.00

96230 Pyramid Floating Handguard for AR-15 (5.56, 15 in, M-LOK, black) $240.00

96250 Pyramid Floating Handguard for AR-15 (5.56, 17 in, M-LOK, black) $255.00

About Mesatac

Mesatac was formed by Mesa Tactical to design and manufacture professional grade accessories for carbines and rifles. Specializing in enhancements for the AR-15 platform, Mesa Tactical's products include line of stocks and floating handguards. For more information on the company’s line of unique, professional-grade products, contact Mesatac at 1775 Kuenzli St., Reno, NV, 89502 • Telephone: 714-545-3332 • or visit